Monday, April 15, 2013

A Virtual Phone Helps Small Businesses Do More with Small Budgets

These days making the most of your business budget is more than a priority and the challenge is greater for small businesses. Small businesses have to find solutions that best suit their budgets and also their needs. Finding a communication system that connects your customers, employees and partners is not easy especially within a tight budget.  A virtual phone system is perfect for companies in this situation.

Hosted Phone Service

With mobile workers becoming more and more common, every company is looking for tools that can connect not only their customers but also their employees. No matter what the size of your workforce is, a virtual phone can easily cater to your needs. It is equally relevant for small and big businesses. Since a virtual telephone does not need much investment, it is affordable even for a start-up business. It does not need any hardware, software, installation or dedicated telephone connection. It is hosted by your service provider much like your website. You do not have to be concerned with its maintenance though you have the flexibility to manage it.

Perfect to Maintain Connectivity with Customers

A virtual phone allows you to transfer calls among colleagues sitting geographically apart or right next to each other in the same office. Maintaining constant connectivity with your customers is very important but it can be a huge challenge especially if you are running a small business and are wearing many hats.  You might be busy in meetings or doing accounting work and it might not be possible to always answer your customers. But with a virtual phone there’s no need to panic. It forwards your customer’s calls to your voice-mail box, if you are not able to answer your customers. Your customers can leave a message for you at the voice mail box and you will reply back to them at your convenience. A missed call does not necessarily mean a missed business opportunity.

Using Modern Fax

Being the owner of a small business, you also need to fax documents to your customers. Though there are several modes of business communications like email, faxing still continues to play a dominant role. But faxing is not only expensive but can also be time consuming. You need to have a fax machine for sending and receiving fax, a dedicated telephone line for faxing, scanner, paper, etc. Moreover, you have to stand by the fax machine while feeding every page to the machine to watch for paper jams. When you use virtual phone, you can send and receive fax to your customers via an online interface. This is known as online fax. It is cheaper, faster and more effective than traditional faxing. You neither need a fax machine nor a telephone connection or paper.

Giving Your Business an Extra Edge

Another important tool that can draw more customers to your business is a toll free 1 800 number. Using a toll free number with your virtual phone helps your customers across the U.S and Canada reach you for free, even when they are calling from somewhere far. Your free availability across the nation can give your business an extra edge over your competitors. Your customers will prefer to call you because they will not have to pay anything for that.

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