Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Call Forwarding Service is Important for the Success of a Business

A business phone number is an asset for a business. It is the gateway for customers to reach the business. Hence it is important that every call that a business receives on its business number should be promptly answered. Missing a single call on this number can prove to be expensive for a business. Just answering all the calls on this number is not enough. The calls should be answered professionally to create a perfect image of the business. But is it possible for a business owner to answer calls every time, especially if he is a new business owner? The answer of course is no. In such cases, an entrepreneur can use the advanced call forwarding service of a virtual phone system.

Advanced Call Forwarding

The call forwarding service of a virtual phone service provider helps entrepreneurs to stay connected with their customers, prospects and employees all the time. It is more powerful and professional than call redirect or call divert feature. When a caller dials the business number of a company, the auto attendant answers the call (if the company is using a virtual phone) and tries to connect the call to the right person. If the first number the user has provided to the phone system rings out, the auto attendant of the virtual phone tries forwarding the call to other phone numbers. This is known as Follow-Me-Find-Me.

Using Follow-Me-Find-Me
Follow-Me-Find-Me is an advanced call forwarding service that tracks entrepreneurs on more than one phone number to deliver a call and minimize the risks of missing a call. To use this service, an entrepreneur has to provide the phone numbers of his choice to the phone system. The first number obviously should be his mobile number; the second can be his home phone number and so on. When an entrepreneur does not answer a call on his mobile number, the auto attendant forwards the call to the home phone and other numbers according to the order of submission.

Using Call Screening and Do Not Disturb

An entrepreneur can also specify the day and time when he wants to receive calls on which number. This is extremely helpful for mobile entrepreneurs. Further, a virtual phone also allows screening a call before answering it. Alternately, entrepreneurs can also keep his phone in Do Not Disturb mode if he does not wish to receive calls and until he becomes available to answer calls.

Call Screen and Announce

Call Screen and Announce is an extremely useful time saving feature that can be used along with the call forwarding service. Entrepreneurs can enable Call Screen and Announce on any extension that is using call forwarding and ask the caller to record their name. Now when the virtual phone connects the call, instead of directly connecting it to the caller, he can hear the name of the caller announced and decide if he wants to answer the call or not.  This feature allows entrepreneurs to speak to people they want to and divert others to the voicemail box. Entrepreneurs can be flexible and turn this feature on or off according to their business needs.    

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