Thursday, May 16, 2013

How a Virtual Telephone System Works For Your Business

Big businesses have always used a telephone system to make their communication stronger and more effective. When you call a big business, you are usually given a list of options of how to direct the call. This is a great advantage. The call is easily directed to the right person or department thereby minimizing the chances of call lost. Research has shown that 85 percent of new customers do not leave a voice mail. When they call, they want to speak to someone. Big businesses know the importance of answering calls. When you are first starting out in business, a normal land-line or a mobile phone can serve as the best mode of communication but as the number of calls increases, the need for a phone system also increases.
Make Your Phone System “Virtual”

A virtual telephone system is the best option for small businesses, medium businesses and also for home based businesses. It helps small and medium businesses project a professional appearance to their existing and prospective customers. A virtual phone provides a flexible and cost-effective approach to managing calls and fax services.  A virtual phone or a virtual PBX gives small business owners and mobile professionals the flexibility that they never had before. “PBX” is an acronym for Private Branch Exchange. A virtual phone works like a hosted PBX connecting the internal telephones of an organization to a public switched telephone network. It makes the communication system of an organization incredibly easy in a cost effective way.

Enjoy All the Features of a Phone System

Getting a standard PBX system for a business is an old option. First, it is expensive and second you have to maintain a fleet of people for managing the system. A virtual telephone system is the apt alternative. It has all the advanced features of a phone system and then some. Using a small business phone, you can easily use features like call forwarding, voice mail, auto attendant and another very significant feature of a small business – online fax.

Auto Attendant and Call Forwarding

The auto attendant of a virtual telephone system answers your calls and forwards them to the respective department/person. It works 24/7 without any human interference. An auto attendant replaces the human receptionist of an office and provides a cost effective and efficient solution for small and mid-sized businesses. The script of the auto attendant can be changed according to your business needs.

An auto attendant forwards the call to a person/department. If there’s nobody to answer the call, it forwards the call to voice mail. The callers can leave a message in the voice mail box. Since a virtual telephone sends out notification of a new voice mail message to your email and cell phone, there are fewer chances of voice messages going unanswered.

Online Fax

Online fax is another very significant feature of a virtual telephone system. It allows all virtual phone users enjoy faxing without a fax machine. You no longer need a fax machine, ink, paper, or separate phone line for faxing – now it can be done via an online interface. It makes you environmentally friendly and is the cost effective and faster way of faxing.

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