Friday, January 18, 2013

Enjoy Work During Your Vacation with Virtual Phone

Though the ads for tropical destinations look gorgeous on TV it is quite unlikely that American employees will actually cash in on their growing number of airline miles that they have incurred via reward program this year. A recent study by an online travel agency has found that American employees usually get 15 days or fewer as vacation in a year and they even fail to enjoy these 15 days of vacation in fear of being replaced or falling too far behind their work (according to another survey).  A virtual phone is just perfect for these individuals who find it impossible to take time off without falling short of their responsibility. A virtual phone actually allows you to stay connected for all crucial communications - no matter where you are.

Stay Connected Always
Today employees boast about how long they have been able to work without taking time off, but that might not be a very good strategy. While you will be in attendance but there’s a risk being sluggish and lacking in creativity.  According to career experts, vacations are important because it gives a chance to relax and recuperate. A virtual phone can keep you connected with all your important communications without compromising the fun of your vacation. This is a special kind of phone system that works with any phone - even your cell phone. It does not need any special installation, hardware or software and so it’s also very affordable. Let your cell phone be turned to a fully fledged phone system this year and enjoy your vacation.

Be Available All the Time
With a virtual phone system you enjoy all the benefits of a phone system like call transfer, call forwarding, voicemail and others. In addition to these features the auto attendant of a virtual phone creates a professional image of you and also your business. An auto attendant professionally receives your customer and directs him/her to the right person or department he wants to speak to. It works 24x7 and so you are available to your customers always – even when you are on vacation. It also allows you to transfer calls to your employees and colleagues within the office or across the country. 

Call Forwarding and Call Transfer
The call forwarding and voicemail box are the two other significant features of a virtual phone. When a customer calls your number the auto attendant greets him and routes him either to you or to the person or department of his choice. If for any reason, you are unable to answer the call; your customer can leave a voicemail in your voicemail box so that you can call him back at an appropriate time.  You can also screen the call before you answer it. You answer the call if you feel it needs to be answered immediately or can route it to your voicemail box and reply later. You can also forward calls to your residence phone or office phone. You can set the time of the day and the day of the week when you need your virtual phone to forward your calls. So you balance both – your vacation and your work.

Virtual Fax
The virtual fax feature of your virtual phone also allows you to fax important documents to your prospects and customers – online. So it does not matter whether you are in office or by the seaside, you can fax your documents to one or multiple recipients - anytime.

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