Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Select the Right Virtual Phone Service Provider?

In today’s ever changing world it is quite difficult to keep up with the latest technologies. The same can be said about virtual phone service. A recent study has shown that the use of virtual phone has increased almost 30 per cent over the last few years. Now there are hundreds of service providers who are competing for your business and each of them describes them as a leader. So it often becomes quite difficult to find out the service provider that best addresses your business needs. It is wise to define your business needs first and then do a comparative analysis of the service providers.

Define Your Needs
A virtual phone offers incredible improvement over traditional communication system. Spend some time to decide the features you need with your virtual phone system. Do you need an auto attendant? Does your business need call forwarding, voicemail box and online fax? What kind of plan you think will work best for your business? Chalk out your needs in detail before you decide on the service provider for your phone system. Until you are very clear about your needs it is difficult for you to find the right service provider for your business.

Flexible Plans
Once you know clearly what exactly you are looking for in a virtual phone start comparing different service providers. Also check the various plans, prices and package that the service providers are offering.  With the success of this new phone system, there have emerged quite a good number of providers that offer very competitive plans. The providers usually divide their plan according to the usage.

The average per minute fees is typically lower when you subscribe to a package that has more minutes. You do not need to sign any contract with your provider for using a virtual phone. If you are not happy with the service you can cancel it anytime. Moreover, you do not have to pay for pre-paid minutes. You can pay on month-to-month basis.  Also the provider does not charge you anything extra for using any feature. Yes, it is that easy and affordable! The number of extensions you use with your phone system depends on the type of plan you are opting for. 

Advanced Features
A virtual phone has many advanced features over a traditional PBX. Firstly, this phone system does not need any installation. Neither does it need any expensive hardware, software or exclusive telephone connection. It has advanced features like call transfer, call routing and most importantly call forwarding. The auto attendant of this phone system works 24x7 and completely eliminates the need for a receptionist.

With the call forwarding feature of this phone you are never far from your customers.  They can reach you anytime and anywhere – even after business hours or when you are in vacation. If you cannot answer your customer’s call, the phone system diverts your customer to the voicemail box where he can leave a message for you.  The online fax feature of a virtual phone is an incredible alternative to your traditional fax.  You can send and receive fax anytime and anywhere – without any fax machine or paper. A virtual phone is practically the solution for all your business needs. It creates an office for you anytime and anywhere – virtually.

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