Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Working from Home or Office? Doesn’t Matter. You Need a Virtual Telephone.

Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo has recently announced that all of her employees need to report to the office and work from there. She does not want them to work from home. Ever since this announcement, the internet has been buzzing with opinions and surveys that either support or oppose this decision. However, there is no denying the fact that there has been a growing culture of work from home supporters. Employees feel comfortable working from home and also they are more productive when they work from home. No matter if your employees are working from home or from your office, you need to get an effective communication device to connect all your employees with your customers and prospects. You can try considering a virtual telephone for this purpose.

Connects Your Employees and Customers

A virtual telephone not only connects you with your customers and prospects; it is also a valuable tool to connect your mobile workforce. The auto attendant of a virtual phone streamlines communication between you and your employees and customers. You can create dedicated extensions for every department and also for every employee so that your entire staffs have an official way to communicate. No matter if your employees are present in the office to answer customer calls or are working from home, calls can be forwarded to more than one phone number of their choice.

Answer Your Calls

A virtual telephone always keeps you connected – with your employees and your customers. With the advanced call forwarding feature of a virtual phone system you stay close to your mobile employees as well as to your prospects and customers. The advanced call forwarding feature of a virtual phone allows you to forward calls to more than one phone number. You can also select the day and time when you would like to answer a call and on which number. All you have to do is to program your phone system accordingly. A virtual phone system actually hunts you down to deliver your call.

Work as a Team
Even if you cannot answer a call, a virtual telephone forwards it to your voicemail box, where your customers can leave a message for you. You can reply back to your customers at your own convenience. The phone system also sends out alerts to your email or texts you on your mobile, as soon as you have a new voice message. You can read your voice message through your email or can also listen to it simply by clicking on a link. Moreover, a virtual phone also allows your remote employees to transfer calls to one another, even if they are located across the country.  So no matter where your employees are - at the office or working from home - they can still work as a team.

Virtual Fax

The virtual fax is another noteworthy feature for your mobile employees or for those who are working from home. A fax machine would need to be set up in each employee’s home or transported to and from the office. So for remote and mobile workforce you can depend of the online fax of a virtual telephone. In fact, you should use at your office too. It is cost effective, efficient and is faster than traditional fax. It does not need a fax machine, paper or a telephone connection. It works via online interface.
So no matter if you are in favour of or against Mayer’s decision about working from home, a virtual telephone is something that your business needs – urgently.

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