Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Virtual Telephone Helps Your Business Grow

There was a time when only big companies had a phone system. Medium and small businesses could not afford to have a phone system for their business. A virtual telephone is the perfect solution for SMB (small and medium sized businesses) who find it difficult to accommodate a phone system in their strict financial budget. But that of course does not mean that big companies cannot also benefit using this type of phone system. A virtual phone is for all and every types of business though it especially appeals to SMB. A virtual phone contributes immensely to the growth of your business. Given below are a few ways in which a virtual phone helps your business grow:

Smart Features

A virtual telephone offers all the advantages of a phone system and a few extra features at an affordable price. So now your business can also look and sound big – virtually. A virtual phone system has such advanced features like auto attendant, call forwarding, voicemail box and virtual fax that help you create an image of a big multinational corporation.

Easy to Use

A virtual telephone requires no hardware, software, installation or a dedicated telephone connection.  It is hosted by the service providers, much like your website. You also do not need to bother about its maintenance because your service providers look after that though you are able to manage it. Most of the service providers offer multiple flexible plans, which include considerable number of free minutes, to cater to the needs of their customers. The service providers also do not want you to sign any contract before you start using their service so that you can terminate the service anytime if you are not happy. 

Routing Customers

When a customer calls on your virtual telephone the auto attendant greets your caller and forwards the call to the right person or department. It can forward calls to more than one phone number. The virtual phone system also allows you to transfer calls to colleagues sitting next to you or across the country.  The auto attendant of a virtual phone works like a virtual receptionist that works 24/7 eliminating completely the need for a human receptionist. 

Stay Close to Your Customers

A virtual telephone has advanced call forwarding features that allows you to forward calls to more than one number. You can also set the day and time when you want to receive calls on a particular phone number.  But even if you fail to answer the call, there’s no reason why you should be scared. You can always check your voicemail box, because the auto attendant forwards the call to your voicemail box where your customers can leave a message for you. Alternately, the phone system uses caller ID to capture the details of your caller.

Using Toll Free Numbers

Using a toll free number can be a game changer. A toll free number shows that your customers are your priority. It also works as an effective marketing and advertising tool for your business. It gives your customers the impression that you are one of those big guys that use toll free number along with a virtual telephone to provide your customers better service. Your customers are least assured that you have the right resource and attitude for their business.

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