Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Use a Virtual Phone for Maintaining Higher Level of Profit

You must be surprised to know that the expenditures like your utility bills or phone bills have a direct effect on the success of your business.  In fact you should keep a check on these expenditures to maintain a high margin of profit. One of the ways of doing this is to use virtual devices like a virtual phone or a virtual fax. In addition to making your communication strong and professional, a virtual telephone or a virtual fax also helps you to maintain your budget and simultaneously increase the margin of your profit. Following are a few ways that can help you to make your business communication crisp and smart:

Using a Virtual Phone

Most of the modern offices do not use a land line phone, physical extensions or fax - thanks to computers, internet, the new smart phones and the virtual phone system. A virtual phone works just like a traditional phone system but it is more affordable, easy to manage and has a few advanced features. It does not need to be installed and also does not need expensive hardware or software. Hence it is quite affordable even for a start-up business. It does not need an army of men for its maintenance. It is hosted from the service provider’s site and so they look after its maintenance.   The service providers also offer flexible plans that cater to the needs of all types of businesses. Hence it is quite easy and affordable even for a start-up business.

It also has certain advanced features like auto attendant, voicemail box and virtual fax that help you project a professional image to your customers and makes your business big and credible instantly.

Using Virtual Fax

Virtual fax, also known as online fax, allows you to send and receive fax online without a fax machine and paper. Since it completely eliminates the use of paper, an online fax helps to make you more environmentally friendly and also reduces your cost. It does not even need a dedicated telephone connection, which is a must have for a traditional facsimile. You select the document that you wish to fax, enter the recipient’s number and click on send and your fax is send.  Moreover, it helps you to send and receive fax from anywhere and at any time. The online fax feature of a virtual phone system makes your communication with your customers easy and effective.

Using Voice mail

A virtual phone also has a voicemail box that you should use for the best of your business needs. Research has shown that you lose 20 to 30 minutes of your productivity after getting back to task from a call. Moreover, all calls are not important. With a virtual telephone you have the option of screening a call and answering it if you feel it needs immediate attention, otherwise you can forward it to your voicemail box to answer it in an appropriate time.

Checking Emails at Regular Intervals

It is better not to consider emails as a constant stream of communication. Rather check your emails after every two or three hours. Also encourage your team to practice this. Constant email back and forth wastes time and energy, while checking it at regular intervals helps to keep your team on track and makes your communication effective.

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